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 Mid-Day Cattle Comment

Disseminating information is difficult. Swift Trading provides 2 commentaries to help navigate the abundance of information that is available. “Shootin’ The Bull” is a market commentary written end-of-day, recapping the days market activity.


The “Mid-Day Cattle Comment” is a market commentary written during trading hours, providing subscribers with actionable, real time information to help readers make a more informed trading decision.


In today’s volatile trading environment, having access to this real time information is advantageous in an ever-changing market. Subscribing to our “Mid-Day Cattle Comment” provides readers with that speed of information as well as the ability to consult with a broker at any time during the day.


If you would like to receive Chris Swift’s “Mid-Day Cattle Comment”, please complete the information below and hit “submit.” You will receive the “Mid-Day Cattle Comment” in your email box around 11 AM each business day. There will be a 30 day free trial. After the trial, the fee is $300.00 annually.

Please ensure that you enter your email address correctly

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(Information shared with us is confidential and will not ever involve a third party. To opt out of the trial simply send us an email)

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